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Csatlakozz hozzánk a facebookon is!

Csatlakozz hozzánk a facebookon is!

Dear Guest !


In Hungary 85% of the population does not speak any other language than their mother tongue. As a foreigner in Hungary, it is rather frustration to live this way, or to try to go out, and relax. Is it possible at all?

Do you remember what it feels like when everyone understands all of your words? Do you remember what it feels like when you don't have to try to imitate sounds, gesticulate, and you still get the same service like at home? What is even better, you can have this experience with your whole family!

The WaterTiger Ltd. aims to bring solution to this very problem. We have been organizing whitewater rafting for families, companies, and groups of friends. We have sites in Austria, France, Slovenia, Serbia, and are ready to go to any place where the circumstances match the requirement of fast running water and excitement. We offer exciting, yet safe adventures, where you can measure your own abilities as you fight the elements of nature. You can also make friends along the trip, like the river, the mountains, and the fresh air.

Come with us to South-East and discover the center of whitewater rafting in Slovenia. This is a place that is widely visited from all over the European Union for sports, and where almost everybody speaks English. Also, this is place that has a real tradition in welcoming and providing for the guests.

Come and spend a week on the river of thrills and peace at the same time!


Should you get tired? You will enjoy a tour in the mountains, or sunbathing on the river bank, horse riding, bike riding, or a flight to see the breathtaking sights. This is a completely relaxing, peaceful program, with recreation. Can you imagine anything more?

During all this time we will be there for you to not have language problems. We will make arrangements for traveling, accommodation, and for meals.

All you have to do is to enjoy the challenges of the tour and yourself ! >And one more thing, you can meet other foreigners, make new friends, meet with other compatriots, and make yourself at home.

It doesn't sound that bad, does it ?